Most of our patients have met or spoken to Allie, our medical assistant but few have gotten to know her. This month, we decided to highlight our amazing employee who has been with Sapphire Health and Wellness since its opening. She is the real “OG!”



Allie is from Kenosha, Wisconsin and has lived in Arizona for the past seven years. In high school, she worked at Mar’s Cheese Castle, her favorite cheese being habanero- flavored. Allie started working as a medical assistant ten years ago and is currently going back to school for psychology. Her passion for psychology stems from her interest in forensic science and true crime.


Allie has a great love for animals and has a dog (Murphey) and cat (Captain). Her dream is to cage dive with great white sharks in South Africa. The Caribbean is her favorite place to vacation and is where her collection of pirate coins and antique maps started.  Ahoy!


In her spare time, you can find Allie listening to country music as she sips on Starbucks (sugar-free vanilla breve latte). She can play the guitar and the piano and has double-jointed thumbs. Her celebrity crush is Matt Damon, especially in the Jason Bourne series.



Most importantly, Sapphire employees and patients appreciate Allie for her kindness and dedication to excellent patient care. Sapphire would not have had a successful first year without her. Thank you Allie!!!

Sapphire Health & Wellness