Many of our patients ask us why we decided to open our own primary care office. The answer to this question is more simple than complex. Many (not all) primary care offices have their priorities backwards. They seem to be more invested in productivity than giving quality patient care. They cram as many patients as possible onto their provider’s schedule, which leads to noticeably short patient visits. These short visits make it difficult for patients to ask questions, understand their treatment plan or be educated on any new diagnoses or treatments. Those providers who do try to spend extra time with patients are penalized by their office for being less productive. This is not fair to the providers or especially to the patients.

At Sapphire Health and Wellness, our patients are our top priority. We wanted to bring back the small-town provider feel to primary care. We value our patient’s time and want to make sure they get the most out of their provider. While not all appointments require more than 15 minutes, our schedule allows for longer appointment times for more complicated visits. This allows us to educate our patients on their findings or disease prevention strategies. Patients should feel comfortable asking our providers questions or needing extra TLC. We want our patients to always feel safe and comfortable discussing any of their concerns with our staff. Discretion and privacy are especially important to us.

In choosing a name, we wanted our name to represent these same values. The sapphire gem has multiple meanings throughout the world, being a symbol of positive energy, integrity, wisdom, and healing. At Sapphire Health and Wellness, we aspire to bring this positive energy to our patients through honest, evidence-based care. Our providers commit to staying up to date on current treatment guidelines so that our patients receive the best care.

Andrea Robbins, FNP-C & Kristina Mattson, FNP-C

Sapphire Health & Wellness